The Team

When the worthy cause attracts the right people.

You wouldn’t be wrong in calling us a modest organization. Ever since our inception in 2012, we have remained 100% non-profit. This means we can’t give our team-members and collaborators expense accounts or company cars. Or even salaries.

The Free Projects is a personal organization with a lot of character. It is built on relationships, close contact and direct communication. As a result you have a talented team which is dedicated, fast on their feet and full-heartedly dedicated. All this while working 100% non-profit.

Coming from different parts of the world, with various skill sets, background, knowledge and humor they all have one thing in common; they want to create change.

  • Meet the Team
  • Camilla Brandow Gustafsson
  • Timothy Besada
  • Ashely Reed

We understand if you have questions;

How about we try and answer a few of them?

What we do and why we do it??

The Free Projects is a non-profit organization working towards making this world a better place. In small but effective projects, we try our best to create long term and sustainable change for people in vulnerable living situations. Read more about our active projects here.

How do we finance the projects??

We finance every project differently. Camilla has arranged numerous fundraising events around Stockholm’s venue such as Fasching, Nalen, Kåken and many more. The revenues from Camilla’s different lectures also go to the cause. We seek collaborations with different companies who want to engage in CSR and we receive private donations from people who believe in what we do and want to be a part of the change. If you are a company or a private person in the thoughts of getting involved in our work – don’t hesitate to contact us!

Where does the money go??

The Free Projects is, unlike other help organizations, 100% non-profit. This means no administrative costs and no intermediaries from one end to the other. Every penny that comes into the account goes to the cause. We want to show you the direct result of your contribution towards changing a life. The money you donate today goes to finance our active project, but if you have a specific request or idea, you are most welcome to contact us to earmark your donation. If you get involved in our project, rest assured that you can be as active and close to it as we are.

How can I get involved??

There are different ways to get involved if you want to help. You are welcome to make a donation, share the word about us in social media, connect us with companies or people that you think would be the perfect match or just support us with your energy. Our projects survive on people coming together for a common cause. People like you and us is what makes up The Free Projects.